The next storm is heading towards us

  • Posted on: 4 October 2017
  • By: adminscubafreedom

The weather this summer has been so wet. It is really what we can call " rainy season".

In the beginning of this year I saw the news which warned the increased hurricanes due to global warming.
Actually the water temperature in the ocean this year has been remarkably high.
I had been working in U.S. Virgin Islands for 7 years before moving to Playa del Carmen and been working in the Caribbean water. I actually noticed the warmth this year.


Usually I NEED to wear 5mm wetsuits even in Summer. But this year I have been diving with 3mm and have no problem.
I am so cold nature and this means incredibly warm.


As you know, two Cat 5 monster hurricanes passed over and devastated those Caribbean islands including my loved U.S. Virgin Islands.
It has been almost 1 month since the 1st one , Irma, hit the island but still no power on the islands. 


We also have had a lot of rainy days in Playa del Carmen.
Fortunately we had one tropical storm but almost no damge.
And it is rare to rain all day long. Usually the heavy rain passing a couple of times a day. But as a cenote guide, this weather makes me frustrated since most of the divers come here all the way to see the beauriful light show in the cenotes.


Since the last weekend, it has been raining all day long.
(well, still I am very lucky with the weather and it was SUNNY when I went to cenote yesterday!!)
Apparently the low-pressure has been sitting over this area. 


Cozumel, about 40 min ferry ride from Playa del Carmen, also has lot of rain.
Since the beginning of the week Cozumel has several Cruise ships but most of their 11,000 passenger stayed on the ship according to local news.

This impacts a lot to local businesses that depend on the tourism. 
Souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, tours...



And now there is a tropical storm concern for the region.
A tropical depression was formed off the coast of Nicaragua and moving to the north. 
It may develop into a tropical storm or hurricane.  

The next name on the list of tropical storms is Nate. 
It looks like he is passing by this area on Friday.


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