Mayan Chocolate in Merida!

  • Posted on: 2 December 2021
  • By: adminscubafreedom

Speaking of Mayan civilization, chocolate! ︎

The sweet and solid chocolate we know was made after Spain brought it back to Europe.

Mayan chocolate is liquid, a bitter healthy drink.
It was very valuable thing for Mayan culture.

Chocolate was used for religious ceremonies.
Cacao was even used as a currency.

You can try Mayan style hotchocolate here!

Instead of ordering your dessert after the meals at the restaurant,
Visit this chocolate shop and try their dessert!
They are open till late!

Very rich and warm ganache inside of the soufflé.
Perfect with the vanilla ice cream


Though I love chocolate, I’m not a fan of chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies and chocolate ice cream in general.

But their dessert here is to die for!

Much less flour used, very rich dark chocolate flavor with moist and creamy texture.


This Pecan nuts brownie!!

I came here after dinner for two days in a row during my stay in Merida.


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