About Us

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We are Scuba Freedom.  Our founders are Domenic Cuccinello from the U.S.A. and Miki Kurimoto from Japan. We want to help bring Scuba Diving into as many lives as we can.

Scuba Diving is absolutely amazing and, when done correctly, safe.  The Yucatan Peninsula has some of the best and most versatile diving in the world, and we are a company people can trust to give them the best value for their money while maintaining the highest standard of safety and quality of instruction.

Humans don't naturally breathe underwater, and we set out to shatter that natural barrier and explore alien environments. It is easily one of the most fun, exciting, rewarding, and often life changing things you could ever try. Of course something so adventerous does come with risks, but all of the risks are easily negated or mitigated through planning and vigilance. We guarantee we will always put in the necessary effort for your safety to the same standards that we learned while training and diving in the U.S.A and Japan.

Both Founders Domenic Cuccinello and Miki Kurimoto are trained for technical deep dives to 150 feet/45 meters, and trained for cave diving and exploration. Both are PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers or higher. Both are PADI Elite Instructors. Between the two of them they have worked in the diving industry in The U.S.A., the U.S. Virgin Islands, Thailand, Australia, Japan, and Mexico. Every time you dive with us you will feel comfortable knowing you had a great, secure diving experience.  Every time you take a course with us you will know you had thorough training that you can carry with confidence to any part of the globe.