Our Covid-19 protocols

  • Posted on: 13 June 2020
  • By: adminscubafreedom

We had quarantine life from April 1 to the second week of June 2020 in Playa del Carmen.  The very energetic and fun main street " 5th avenue " was total ghost town. Since the second week of June 2020, the restaurants and hotels have been opening little by little. The cenotes have also been opening and welcoming tourists. 

Now we are ready to take you out to dive!!!
Please see our Covid protocols for your diving tour. 
Everyone's safety is our priority. 

The local government of Quintana Roo announced on Sep. 3. 2020 that the Covid warning level will be Yellow from Orange from Sep. 7th.  (the warning level from the worst: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green)

July 2021: Our guide Miki and Jose are fully vaccinated (Pfizer)

<Table of contents>
Rental equipment cleaning & sanitizing
About our transportations
Max number of the divers
Medical questionnaire

Miki the owner/your guide completed 2 Online coureses regarding Covid-19 implemented by Mexican government.  Some cenotes owners allow the only registered guides who also completed those courses to enter the cenote to guide their customers underwater.


What we do... 

Rental equipment cleaning & sanitizing

Ever since we started our service in 2017, we have been cleaning all our rental equipment with RUNNING WATER one by one. We've never used "rinse bucket" to wash multiple sets of equipment together.  Nothing will be changed for that matter. 

Whole second stage as opposed to only mouth piece will be soaked in Steramine water to be sanitized. 
New mouth pieces availble for purchase. 

*What is Steramine? (After go to this link,please scroll down to see the details) 

We've provided defog solution for our rental masks and asked not to use their saliva to defog since we started in 2017. After the tours, we wash them with dish soap and running water one by one.  Then we soak each mask sepalately in Steramine water to disinfect. 

We've never use any rinse bucket for wetsuits and BCDs either. We wash them one by one with runnying water every time. This won't change. In addition, we will spray Steramine water on each wetsuits and BCDs. 

Our vehicle is a van (Toyota HiAce). Very spacious.
We clean and disinfect seats and doors etc before each trip.
We will provide hand sanitizer to each diver before getting on the vehicle. 
We mask up in the vehicle.

"Very" Small group
We are specialized small group tours since we opened. Our max number is 4 divers in the mixed group. By limiting the number, we can easily handle thorough rental equipment care (wash and disinfetion) especially during this pandemic. 

Private tour
Our private tour is very popular to non active divers and beginners who are anxious in the mixed group, photo diving, honeymooners, family etc.... Please ask about your customized private tour!!


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