To Playa Del Carmen from STT - Day 1: El Pit and Dos Ojos

  • Posted on: 10 October 2016
  • By: adminscubafreedom

To Playa Del Carmen, Mexico from St Thomas, USVI! Our friends came to see the Cenotes!!!

We had a fantastic time with a group of friends from accross the Caribbean (plus some Alaskans).
Some people from this group saw Dom on his Open Water dives... holy throwback.

Day one was one of our friend's 1100th dive which we made in El Pit! Congratulations!
It was a beautiful and interesting dive!

Next we made way to Dos Ojos and dove both lines.
About a 70 minute dive, good air consumption, team!

Stay tuned for more posts from this group! They had 3 days of Cenotes and one day of Cozumel!
(One of the divers is a pro photographer and got some truely stunning shots, but his camera fogged day one, keep an eye out for his photos coming soon!)

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