Cave Diving at Cenote Nai Tu Cha - Monkeys and Mammoth Bones!

  • Posted on: 30 September 2016
  • By: adminscubafreedom

Miki and I had a fantastic day cave diving with an experienced friend at Cenote Nai Tu Cha.
Nai Tu Cha was way deep in the jungle. From the highway it was about a 45 minute drive down a dirt road!

That deep in the jungle there was tons of wildlife! Critters were everywhere, the highlights were a Peregrine Falcon and a Geoffroy's Spider Monkey! So cool!

The Cave was fantastic. It dropped through a small crack to about 8m right away, and stayed between 8-13 for the duration of the dive. The entire swim was medium sized rooms full of amazing decorations!  Columns, stalacmites, and stalactites in every direction


This dive had some of the biggest and tallest columns I've seen yet. All I could think of was how many millions of years it must have taken to create those features!

About 35 minutes into the dive there was a line to a different cenote which we checked out quickly on our way back.  It was beautiful, and even a little daylight is always a welcome sight after over an hour in pitch blackness with only your dive lights!

45 minutes into our dive we came across the mean feature of the dive, Mammoth Bones!!!

How do you think it's possible mammoth bones found their way at least 1/4 mile into the middle of a cave?! From aliens to flooding, lets hear all of your theories in the comments!

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